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theTaxGroup enters a new frontier

A software frontier that is!

Since our founding in 2001, theTaxGroup has been serving mid to large sized Calgary organizations with our unique business model. With our team of experienced tax professionals, we have brought the power of an in-house tax management team directly to our clients by offering a turn-key service that’s effective and efficient. Throughout the years, our model has effectively helped our client organizations achieve their tax goals while mitigating their risk by using extensive documentation and controls.

It is through this work, that theTaxGroup noticed the gap in the tax software market for simple solutions that can streamline tax management by reducing manual input and empowering new tax professionals. theTaxGroup software solution is designed to enhance the value of your organization’s corporate tax team through increased productivity achieved by automating activities for planning, provision, compliance and audit. Using the power of Excel, it supports and works with your existing tools to create a more efficient, streamlined, effective and accurate reporting process for your organization.

It is with the development of this software that theTaxGroup has taken a new approach to the way it is serving the business community. As of 2018, theTaxGroup is moving ahead in the information technology sector with the sole focus of helping corporate tax teams streamline their tax processes with our software tools, delivering fast, accurate, transparent and auditable results. While we will no longer be delivering tax services to clients the same way we used to, we’re excited to be able to bring our truly unique and transformative product to the market.

For more information on theTaxGroup and our products, visit our home page!


Diana Stevens, President




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