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Discover the Tax Department of the Future

Make your tax department more efficient with a streamlined tax process.

Is your team trying to manage complex corporate tax calculations in multiple spreadsheets that are difficult to maintain? If so, your tax department could benefit from automating your corporate tax workflow—but that can be expensive, require multiple solutions and be tough to implement when contending with looming deadlines and conflicting IT priorities.

This webinar from Vena Solutions and theTaxGroup will show you how you can easily automate your corporate and enterprise tax planning, provisioning, compliance and auditing, with a cost-effective solution that’s designed to address your specific needs. Hosted in the Vena Solutions platform, theTaxGroup software suite offers a hybrid cloud solution that’s easy to implement and built to give you the control you need to easily manage multiple changes while working within the comfort of your Excel environment. Learn how your team can enter the new age of tax accounting.

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