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theTaxGroup Corporate Tax Software automates corporate and enterprise tax planning, tax provision, compliance and audit, delivering a cost-effective solution designed specifically for corporate tax departments and financial teams. Hosted in the Vena Solutions platform, theTaxGroup software suite offers a flexible, hybrid cloud solution that is built to work within your comfortable environment of Excel

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Tax provision

Our Tax Provision core is a customizable solution that provides control and transparency over the tax position of all your corporate entities. It facilitates the provision and compliance process, creates working papers, and generates journal entries. It efficiently handles and categorizes all of the complexities of domestic and international provisions, while allowing your team the time and ability to easily spot and review for potential errors and complications in the data.

Tax return

Tax Return by theTaxGroup automatically and efficiently collates your corporate tax information from our tax provision product to generate tax compliance working papers, categorizing your data efficiently, while allowing for easy modification and manipulation. It facilitates the fast and efficient review of your filings, generating audit ready documentation and creates a file that can be imported directly into tax preparation software for electronic filing. 

foreign reporting

Foreign Reporting by theTaxGroup is a compliance module that reduces the complexity and increases the accuracy of filing your organization’s Canadian foreign reporting requirements. It provides a complete set of processes that stores and organizes your organization’s relevant information across several foreign reporting requirements, including filings for T1134s and T106s. Our solution enhances your team’s productivity and accuracy by streamlining the foreign reporting process and eliminating duplicate data entry. All data and information is saved and archived, allowing for the ability to track changes over time and enabling more efficient future file preparation.


M&A by theTaxGroup documents and tracks the steps associated with corporate transactions, streamlining and managing the planning and compliance across all entities while it assesses the impact on your organization’s tax position. Our M&A module produces book entries and entity financial statements designed for working papers for tax filings, tax basis, critical timing analysis for intermediary steps not normally part of the financial accounting system. The solution imports information from multiple data sources and is designed to adapt to your needs as underlying terms and conditions change during negotiations. 

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