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Spring forward into tax season with theTaxGroup

Updated: Apr 30, 2018

Ah, springtime. The highly coveted and long-awaited season that brings with it sunny skies, fresh flowers, patio time (province depending of course. Sorry, Alberta!), a brand new federal budget and lest we forget, tax season! We know you’d much rather be spending your time enjoying every bit of sun that spring decides to grace us with, not spending time and money manually entering and reviewing every bit of data while preparing your organization’s tax return requirements. The good news is that theTaxGroup’s software products are specifically designed to save your organization time and money, streamlining the preparation process so that your organization can file quickly, efficiently and effortlessly.

Tax Return by theTaxGroup is our solution to the often tedious, repetitive and time-consuming tax return preparation process. Designed to streamline the tax return preparation process for your organization, our software supports your team’s existing systems and skill sets by reducing the need for manual and duplicate input, ensuring data consistency, the accurate and reliable transfer of data, and up to 50% in time savings. It facilitates the fast and efficient review of your filings, generating audit ready documentation and loading your organization’s relevant information and data directly into tax preparation software for EFILE.

And don’t forget, we all heard that the recent Federal Budget accelerated the reporting deadline for T1134’s to six months after the year end, posing potentially cumbersome challenges for your team to be able to collect, organize and prepare the data necessary for your filing requirements. Enter Foreign Reporting by theTaxGroup. Our model makes it easy for your staff to track the progress of imported data, streamlining the review and approval process and seamlessly uploading the information into the appropriate forms, so your organization can meet the new deadline quickly and without worry. By using our software, your organization can get ahead of the game in the preparation for this year’s T106 and T1134 forms.

theTaxGroup has been streamlining corporate tax processes since 2001, offering cost effective, in-house software solutions that increase the efficiency of your organization’s tax department. Serving mid to large size organizations, we offer dynamic products and technology services that deliver fast, accurate, transparent and auditable results.

To learn more about our organization and our software products, please visit us at



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