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It’s a new year, it's time to try a new approach to your corporate taxes

As we welcome 2019, we are all making resolutions, some of which will inevitably be more successful than others. This year, with theTaxGroup’s software suite, your organization can make one resolution that will certainly make this new year less stressful for you and your team.

At theTaxGroup our streamlined tax reporting software simplifies corporate tax practices, making your organizational goals for 2019 and our software a match made in heaven. Designed to provide structure and to save your organization time and money, here are three stand-out benefits you can expect for your organization with theTaxGroup solution:

1. Transform your organization's tax processes

theTaxGroup developed its unique software suite to streamline tax management and improve the tax process structure for corporate tax teams. With our technology platform, clients experience the comfort, flexibility and transparency of an Excel-based solution, with the added power of a multiuser relational database, version control, audit trails and cloud deployment. Offering an innovative approach to corporate tax functions, theTaxGroup’s software products are proven to help organizations transform their tax process architecture by offering a more organized, transparent and structured approach.

2. Eliminate repeat data entry

Repeat data entry is one of the most tedious and time-consuming parts of every organization’s typical tax process. With theTaxGroup solution, your organization’s data needs only be entered once, as our software seamlessly organizes and ensures data consistency across all stages from planning, provision, compliance and audit.

3. Enhance the value of your organization’s tax team

With theTaxGroup’s software suite, you can expect to see a significant return in the amount of time your organization’s tax personnel can save compared to the traditional approach. theTaxGroup solution offers a more organized approach to managing complex tax functions and allows your tax team to cut preparation time in half, cutting costs and the man power needed by reducing the need for manual input, documenting practices for continual improvement and improving efficiency. 

To find out more about theTaxGroup and our products, please visit us at or call our Sales team at (403) 781-7771 to learn more.



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