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When theTaxGroup met Vena Solutions

A software match made in heaven

Since its founding in 2001, theTaxGroup has been a leader in streamlining corporate tax processes for its clients. Its expertise in helping organizations achieve their tax goals, while mitigating their risk effectively and efficiently has given theTaxGroup a particular knowledge about the complexities that organizations face when navigating the corporate tax landscape. Throughout its work, theTaxGroup noticed a gap in the corporate tax architecture for simple solutions that can modernize and simplify tax management. Always striving to deliver clients a better way to streamline processes and increase productivity, theTaxGroup developed its innovative software suite. By leveraging its years of experience in the industry, theTaxGroup was able to bring clients a more organized, transparent and structured approach to the corporate tax management, all in the comfort of Excel.

With the introduction of its software suite, theTaxGroup’s clients reported increased efficiencies among their tax teams, up to 60 per cent improvements in productivity, greater year by year consistency and most importantly, savings in time and money. Still, wanting to be able to provide clients with a more advanced enterprise level solution, theTaxGroup has always strived for further improvements and capabilities for its software suite.

Now, theTaxGroup is pleased to announce its strategic partnership with Vena Solutions, the fastest growing provider of cloud-based financial planning and analysis (FP&A) solutions. When theTaxGroup met Vena Solutions, both organizations quickly realized that by combining their technologies, they could provide clients with proven, Excel-based software solutions that will their streamline corporate tax functions.

With a common vision to bring clients a streamlined, transparent and efficient approach to corporate tax processes, these two Canadian technology companies will offer a product that delivers these qualities within an easy to manage cloud-based system that improves corporate tax oversight and ensures consistency across business cycles. The integration of theTaxGroup’s software suite and Vena Solutions’ technology platform will offer client organizations the ability to quickly and efficiently optimize their tax processes in a secure and robust cloud-based environment, without having to leave the much-loved environment of Excel. With their shared technology platform, clients will experience the comfort, flexibility and transparency of an Excel based solution, with the added power of a multiuser relational database, version control, audit trails and cloud deployment.

With the support of Alberta Innovates behind their endeavours, theTaxGroup’s partnership with Vena Solutions will offer an exciting and advantageous approach that will enable clients to manage and streamline typically complex tax structures with greater ease and efficiency.

To learn more about theTaxGroup and our products, please visit us at, and to learn more about Vena Solutions, visit their website at



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