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The benefits of theTaxGroup approach

Complete your organization’s tax requirements more efficiently

theTaxGroup knows first-hand how the increasing complexities in the corporate tax landscape can put significant pressures on organizations to deliver results. Organizations with or without the benefit of an in-house tax team have long struggled with how to handle the increasing challenges with the often complicated and stressful work involved in the preparation, review and filing of corporate tax requirements.

Seeking to mitigate the gaps in the corporate tax market, theTaxGroup developed its unique software suite to streamline tax management and improve the tax process structure for corporate tax teams. Offering an innovative approach to corporate tax functions, theTaxGroup’s software products are proven to help organizations transform their tax process architecture by offering a more organized, transparent and structured approach.

theTaxGroup’s software suite is specifically designed to enhance the value of an organization’s tax team by reducing the need for manual input, document processes for continual improvement, improve efficiency and most importantly, save your organization time and money. Even if your organization lacks in-house tax personnel, theTaxGroup’s software suite can be just as beneficial in helping you manage your corporate tax needs.

Our unique approach is devised to get rid of the stress and bring calm back to your organization when managing and completing its taxes. By directly addressing key inefficiencies in the current landscape, theTaxGroup’s software products offer a streamlined approach that allows your organization to automate activities for planning, provision, compliance and audit. Designed to empower all levels of tax professionals, seamlessly organizing and managing your organization’s source information, making it easier for your organization to maximize its assets by increasing productivity and ensuring year by year consistency.

theTaxGroup has been streamlining corporate tax processes since 2001, offering cost effective, in-house software solutions that increase the efficiency of your organization’s tax department. Serving mid to large sized organizations, we offer dynamic software solutions that deliver fast, accurate, transparent and auditable results.

To learn more about our organization and our software products, please visit us at



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